Action Insights

Action Insights are how Concurra is able to analyze your data and make suggestions on how to make improvements, run experiments, and interpret data. Action Insights are complex machine learning algorithms that routinely traverse your website's data looking for ways that it can make suggestions on when to create experiments, where to look for abnormal behavior, and how to improve your website.

Action Insights will appear in your notifications panel at the top right of the Concurra interface. You can also view your current action insights for a particular website by launching the website you are currently working in form the "All Websites" view and clicking "Action Insights" in the left hand menu.

Action Insight Recommendation Engine

Action Insights make recommendations by examining your websites data and looking at where improvements can be made. These improvements are interacted with from the "Action Insights" dashboard, which you will be taken to by clicking "Action Insights" in the left hand menu or by clicking an Action Insight notification in the notifications panel.

Clicking the Action Insight will bring you to wherever it determines your attention is needed and will then mark the Action Insight as read and remove it from your list. If you wish to suspend certain insights from showing up, you can click the red "x" button on the insight and Concurra will no longer show you those insights for a period of time.