Creating an Experiment

To create an experiment, expand the "Experiments" menu and click "Create Experiment." You can also create an experiment from the "All Experiments" view by clicking "Create Experiment" in the top right corner, or at the bottom of the experiments table. Enter your experiment name, select a page to test, and add a description to clarify the purpose of the experiment. Click "Create Experiment".

The experiment may take up to five minutes or longer to prepare and build.

You will be taken into the experiment, but it may take up to five minutes to prepare and build your experiment. In the "All Experiments" table, you will see the experiment in the "Preparing" or "Building Preview" state before you can make changes to the experiment. Once the experiment is "Ready", you can then begin making changes to your experiment.

Saving, Running, and Stopping an Experiment

Experiment controls can be found in the top right hand corner. You can save an experiment by clicking "Save Experiment. You can run an experiment by clicking "Save & Run Experiment". Experiments run for an indefinite amount of time until they are manually stopped. Once an experiment is running, you can stop by clicking "Stop Experiment" from the top right hand side of the Concurra interface. This will stop any further data collection for th experiment. any data collection by the experiment.

Once an experiment is stopped, it cannot be edited or run again, and the data is preserved for future reference for the amount of time referenced in the website's plan.

Deleting an Experiment

You can delete an experiment at any time by selecting the experiment "Settings" tab and clicking "Delete Experiment". Warning, this action is permanent and cannot be undone.