Experiments Overview

Experiments in Concurra are how you really dive into the data we collect by allowing you to view view heatmaps, livemaps, hovermaps, scrollmaps, and even creating A/B or multivariate tests. When creating an experiment, we download and save a version of your website at that moment in time allowing you to make changes to your website, create variations, and alternate the visibility of variations between different visitors to see which results in more conversions.

Experiments don't affect interactive elements on your page (unless you edit them directly), but it is possible to edit any element on the page creating an alternative view to test against your control.

Experiments will also collect extremely in-depth user data allowing you to overlay data views over your website including heatmaps, livemaps, hovermaps, and scrollmaps. These data views allow you to see the concentration of clicks and visitorship on your website so you can make informed decisions on where to place content and make changes.

Accessing Experiments

You can access experiments by launching the website you are currently working in from the "All Websites" view and selecting experiments from the left hand menu. You will be able to sort experiments by name, URI, status, visitors, and when it was created. You can then select the experiment you wish to view.

Saving, Running, and Stopping an Experiment

Experiment controls can be found in the top right hand corner. You can save an experiment by clicking "Save Experiment. You can run an experiment by clicking "Save & Run Experiment". Experiments run for an indefinite amount of time until they are manually stopped. Once an experiment is running, you can stop by clicking "Stop Experiment" from the top right hand side of the Concurra interface. This will stop any further data collection for th experiment. any data collection by the experiment.

Selecting a Winner

After stopping an experiment, you will have the choice to publish a winner. Publishing a winner will update the weight of the selected variation so that it is shown to all users of your site. This allows you to show winning results variations missing out on conversions having to wait on your technical team to officially make the changes to your website.

Select a winner from the list and click "Stop Experiment and Publish Winner" to publish the variation to your website. You may also click "Stop Experiment with No Winner" which will end the experiment without publishing a winner.

After you've selected "Stop Experiment and Publish Winner", you can remove the variation from your website by clicking "Stop and End Winning Variation".

Once an experiment is stopped, it cannot be edited or run again, and the data is preserved for future reference for the amount of time referenced in the website's plan. Changes in the variations will no longer be visible on your public website.

Deleting an Experiment

You can delete an experiment at any time by selecting the experiment "Settings" tab and clicking "Delete Experiment". Warning, this action is permanent and cannot be undone.