New to Concurra, or just getting started with analytics testing? Or maybe you were just wondering what a certain term meant. Either way, our Glossary has got you covered

A/B Test
The common name for a test that puts one (or more) variations of a page (or pages) against one another and measures how the two variations perform against one another for specific defined metrics.
This is the highest level of hierarchy in your Concurra plan. Accounts contain projects, which contain experiments, which contain variations.
The Concurra user role with access to all features, including billing.
The group of visitors who share a characteristic, such as the way they came to your page or browser.
Average Page Views Per Session
Calculated using the total number of page views divided by the total number of visits during the same time frame. Average page views per session are an excellent indicator of how compelling and easily navigated your content is.
Average Session Duration
Average session duration is defined as the total duration of all sessions (in seconds) / number of sessions.
Body Content
This is the main column of content on the page. This is not to be mistaken with the HTML term "body" which is ALL the content that is on the page.
Bounce Rate
The percentage of visits that land on your site that don’t take a second action (don’t see a second page, don’t click the video on your home page, etc.)
Call To Action
The primary button or link on a page the company would like the user to click
Click Goal
A goal that measures whether a visitor clicked a certain element on the page.
A particular action or even that the user either did or did not do. For example, make a purchase, complete a form, reach a page, click a button, etc. All of those are conversion metrics.
A item made or adapted for a particular purpose, especially a piece of mechanical or electronic equipment. Examples of a device in Concurra could be a desktop, tablet, phone, or generic. Devices can get even more granular in the form of iPhone, iPad, etc.
Snapshot of insight into your current page views & sessions.
A downward tendency or movement, usually shown in a given period of time.
Within an analytics context, Entrances are the number of people who entered your website at a particular page; the first page on your website they visited.
Within an analytics context, Exits are the number of people who left your website at a particular page; the last page on your website they visited.
Experiment is Concurra’s term for an A/B, multivariate or multi-page test. Others may call it a test, or a campaign.You're choosing one page on your website that you want run extensive testing on.
The success metric by which experiments are evaluated. Independent of an experiment container for something you want to achieve.
A report showing where visitors click on a page, typically displayed as an overlay where more intense colors indicate higher visitor clicks.
Home Page
The section of Concurra where you can manage projects and experiments
Multi-Variate Test
An experiment that has multiple variations of specific elements. The experiment is defined by selecting the elements and their variations. The testing platform will then automatically generate the possible testing combinations of these. For example, a 3x2 MVT test is changing 3 elements with 2 variations per element. If a full factorial test is running, this will result in 3^2 (i.e. 9) variations.
A subscription package with Concurra
Recorded Sessions
Search Engine Optimization
Techniques done to a website (making sure keywords are shown, shown high on the page etc. etc.) to get the page to display higher on natural search results without paying the search engine.
shows which parts of the page are viewed most often by your visitors. The brightest areas have been viewed the most number of times and the darker areas have been viewed the least.
The process of determining whether visitors will be included in an experiment. In Concurra, URL Targeting determines whether an experiment will run on a certain URL, and Audiences determine whether an experiment will run for visitors who have certain characteristics.
A trend in Concurra analytics provides insight on a timeline unique patterns based on average pageview per session, bounce rate, and average session duration.
Unique Visitor
A distinct individual who visits a page during a given period, regardless of how often they visit
A upward tendency or movement, usually shown in a given period of time.
URL Parameter
Parameters whose values are set dynamically in a page's URL, and can be accessed by its template and its data sources. This makes pages incredibly dynamic, enabling a single page to power an endless number of views.
UTM or Urchin Tracking Module
A UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) code is a simple code that you can attach to a custom URL in order to track a source, medium, and campaign name.
An alternate experience that is tested against the original A/B test.
An individual person who goes to your site
The total number of visitors who go to your site, usually defined in a set period of time.