Recorded Session Viewer

The Concurra Pages module is an overview of all the content and pages Concurra has indexed allowing you to see goals on a page, setup goals, and view analytics on that particular page. You can access the Recorded Session Viewer by launching the website you are currently working in from the "All Websites" view, selecting "Recorded Sessions" from the left hand menu, choosing a session from the Recorded Sessions table, and clicking the "Viewer" tab.

Viewing a Recorded Session

Within the session "Viewer" tab, you will see your session controls, allowing you to pause, play, and otherwise affect session playback, and a view of your website. The mouse cursor always begins in the top-left corner. Goals and experiment changes will be highlighted within the website viewer for you to see.

Pressing play begins the session and the viewer will automatically scroll with mouse movements and transition pages.

The Session Viewer Interface

The session controls are lined along the top of the website viewport and allow you to affect the behavior of the session being replayed.

  1. Play
    The play button allows you to play a session from a start or paused position.
  2. Pause
    The pause button will pause the session in the exact position it was pressed, even if in the middle of a move animation. While paused, you can move about the page freely if you have "Scroll with Mouse" activated, and even transition pages using the "Previous Page" or "Next Page" buttons.
  3. Previous Page
    The previous page button will transition the session to the previous page. This cannot be used at the start of a session recording.
  4. Next Page
    The next page button will transition the session fo the next page. This cannot be used at the end of a session recording.
  5. Restart
    The restart button has two options: restart page, and restart session. Restart page will reset the current page and continue the recording from the beginning of that page. Restart session will reset the current session to the first page and begin playing the session from the start.
  6. Find Mouse
    The find mouse button will cause the mouse on the page to emit a 3 second pulse of alternating purple and white stripes in order to make the mouse more visible on busy backgrounds or whenever you lose track of the mouse.

Session Viewer Options

On the right hand side of the session controls are the session viewer options that will allow you to affect things like continuous playback and the visibility of goals.

  1. Show Goals
    The show goals toggle will allow you to toggle the visibility of goals on the page as you navigate the session.
  2. Automatically Change Pages
    The automatically change pages toggle will toggle automatic page transitions while playing through a session. When toggled off, at the end of each page, you will have to manually transition the page once you are finished viewing each page.
  3. Scroll with Mouse
    The scroll with mouse toggle will toggle the session viewer's automatic scrolling with mouse movement. When toggled off, you will have to manually scroll in order to follow it. Scrolling the mouse wheel or clicking and dragging the browser's scrollbar at any time will toggle this option off and return scroll control back to you.

Session Progress and Events

Below the session controls is the session progress bar that that will advance from left to right as the session plays. Purple bars throughout the session progress represent session events including page transitions and goal conversions. You can hover over a session event to see the details of that event or click on an event to start a session from that point.

Goals and Experiments in the Session Recording

Goals and experiments integrate with recorded sessions allowing you to see where your users interact with your performance metrics. Goals will be highlighted in the viewer with their name of the target layered in white, which you can enable and disable using the viewer options menu as described above.

Experiments appear in the recorded session as well. Throughout the recording, experiment variations will be loaded in as the user saw them. Variation alterations will be highlighted for you in green so you are able to see how users interact with your experiment.

Session Viewer Messages

Through the course of the recorded session, there may be additional information that may appear in a purple bar across the top of the session viewer. Below are explanations of all the messages you may receive:

  1. We were unable to get any tracking data for this request. Moving to the next one in...
    In some cases, for a given page, the Concurra tracking script was unable to send any data back on the visitor's session. This could be because the individual closed the browser or their network dropped out before the tracker could capture data, or otherwise interrupted the session before the tracker was able to relay data.
  2. Playback complete.
    This message is relayed at the end of every session meaning there is no more data in the session to show and the playback has ended.

Setting up Hovering with Recorded Sessions

Hover actions will not be triggered automatically in the session viewer interface. You could follow along with your cursor and trigger hovers yourself, but we've provided a simple means to do it using your website's CSS. Javascript does not allow the browser to trigger pseudo-classes, so we have to rely on a class name that you'll have to add to your website's CSS in order for hoverable actions, including dropdowns, buttons, and other hover events to be properly fired in Concurra'a recorded session viewer.

For every instance of a hover that you would like triggered by Concurra's recorded session viewer, add the following class name: __concurra_cursor_hover so that your code looks like the following:

a {
  color: blue;
a.__concurra_cursor_hover {
  color: darkblue;

Once this class has been added to your stylesheet, Concurra's recorded session cursor will be able to automatically trigger :hover styles.