All Websites View

The "All Websites View" allows you to see all of your websites at a glance including image, tracker verification status, name, URL, plan information, and some basic statistics.

Image & Tracker Verification
Each website has an image associated with it. Hovering over the image allows you to either open the website in a new tab or browser window, or launch the website into the Concurra interface. If your website's tracking code has not been verified, you will be notified with a red "Not Verified" flat on top of the website image.

Name, URL, and Plan
The website name, URL, and any plan information will appear to the left of the image.

Basic Statistics
Basic statistics also appear next to your website including the number of sessions, goal conversions, and recorded sessions over the last 4 months, and the number of currently running experiments.

Adding a website
You can add a website by clicking the "Add a Website" button in the top right hand corner.