Follow these instructions to install the Concurra tracking code on your website. Once successfully installed and verified, you begin seeing collected analytics reports and you'll have the ability to setup goals and experiments. It may take up to 24 hours for data to appear and for you to edit and run experiments on your website's pages.

Add the Concurra tracking code directly to your site

To complete this process, you must have access to edit your website's source code, an understanding of editing HTML (or have a web developer who can help you), and have your Concurra account and website properly set up.

To set up your Concurra tracking code:

  1. Find your tracking code snippet for your website.
    Sign into your Concurra account and launch the website you website you are adding the tracking code to. Select the "Website Settings" option from the side menu and click the "Site Integration" tab.
  2. Copy your tracking code.
    Under the "Tracking Code" header, there is a box with several lines of JavaScript. Copy this tracking code in its entirety. Do not alter your tracking code as it may not function properly when changes are made.
  3. Paste your tracking code into your website.
    Paste your unaltered tracking code, in its entirety, into every page that you wish to track or have Concurra interact with. Paste it immediately before the </head>
  4. Verify your tracking code.
    Make sure your tracking code is installed on your website and matches the code shown in the "Tracking Code" tab in "Website Settings." Verify your tracking code with Concurra by clicking the "Tracking Code" tab in "Website Settings." You will receive a message confirming that your tracking code is inserted and working properly.