Website Settings

Your website settings allow you to edit your website's basic settings, control how Concurra shows certain data, and manage who has access to a website. You can access a particular website's settings by launching the website you are currently working in from the "All Websites" view and select "Website Settings" from the left hand menu.

General Settings

To access your website's general settings, select the "General Settings" tab in the "Website Settings" view. Here you will be able to edit your website's name, the website protocol (if your website supports both "http" and "https", select "https"), and the url of your website. Click "Save Changes" to save any changes.

Manage Plan

You can upgrade or downgrade your website plan to allow for more experiments, more goals, and otherwise expand your website monitoring and testing capabilities with Concurra.

To access your website's plan settings, select the "Manage Plan" tab in the "Website Settings" view. If you are downgrading from a free plan, you can simply select the free plan and click "Change Plan" to stop all billing for that plan. If you are upgrading from a free or other plan, you will need to have a primary payment method added.

For more information on Upgrading & Downgrading, please review our Upgrading & Downgrading presented in this documentation.

Tracking Code

To access your website's tracking code and site integration instructions, select the "Tracking Code" tab in the "Website Settings" view. Here you can view your website integration settings including your website token that identifies your website to Concurra, and installation instructions for the tracking code.

Verifying Your Tacking Code
To verify the tracking code on your website, select the "Tracking Code" tab in the "Website Settings" view. Concurra will automatically attempt to verify the tracking code. You will receive a message of either "Verified" or "Not Verified" depending on the status of your tracking code. If you continue to have issues verifying your tracking code, please review the installation instructions in this documentation.

Access Control

To access your website's access controls, select the "Access Control" tab in the "Website Settings" view. Here you can add sub accounts or client accounts to your website allowing them to have access to that website. You can remove an account form the website by checking the checkbox in the "Revoke Access" column and click "Save Changes". To add an account to the table, you can select an account from the dropdown and add it to the website and click "Save Changes".

URL Parameters

URL Parameters allow you to input up to five custom URL parameters such as UTM parameters (utm_source, utm_term, etc), or other URL based tracking variables that will then show up in the URL Parameters section of your analytics and other portions of the Concurra interface. Standard UTM variables will be pre-populated for you, but you can replay any or all with your own variables to track. Click "Save Changes" to save any changes.

Deleting a Website

To delete your website, including any associated experiments or data, click the "Delete" tab in the "Website Settings" view. You will need to enter your account's password and click "Permanently Delete Website". Warning: This action is immediate, permanent, and cannot be undone. All associated data and experiments will be removed from Concurra.